Friday, May 12, 2017

Still waiting

No change in the big picture. Still waiting for the ropes to get fixed at the top and for the weather to cooperate. There's not a whole lot (actually nothing) you can do about those two things. 

Given that, my focus has been to stay healthy and maybe even gain a little strength at this elevation. This morning I went for a short walk and took a few pics of the surroundings near camp. 

As the weather warms and the glacier melts out, it leaves some interesting results. The first rock is about the size of half a car. The second one is a bit smaller.

The ice shot was on the edge of a stream. It was nice to just relax and enjoy spotting wonders of nature.

This last shot I called an upside down rainbow but was told it is actually called a sun dog. Whatever the name, very beautiful. 

The day was otherwise uneventful. I did get a shower which is a special treat. Water from glacial streams is carried to a large bucket.  From there, the water flows via gravity into a tent with a portable, gas powered water heater. It's best to take the shower in the morning when the sun heats the air in the tent. I even shaved the beard!