Saturday, May 13, 2017


Sooooo, more waiting on ropes and weather. 

We look at three weather forecasts and sort of take the average. In each case though the forecast for the next few days is high winds towards the top. Our objective will be to start up the mountain a few days ahead of when we believe the winds will die down. It is definitely a gamble. And things change rapidly but my guess is we will begin to make our way up in the next few days. 

We had almost a full house at breakfast this morning, minus a couple people. Here is a pic of most of the team. (I'm not in it as I took the picture.) Notice the movie screen at the far end of the tent. Most nights after dinner we settle in for a movie, sporting 3-4 layers of clothes of course. 

After breakfast a number of the team decided to descend to lower elevation to rest and get ready for the climb. Once again I opted to stay at elevation as I have not been here as long as the others. So, I decided to take a hike alone. I explored the area for about three hours gaining 1,000 feet of elevation but with a whole lot of up and down. Here are a couple pics from the hike. Notice there's not really a trail. Just a lot of rock hopping and some scrambling.

And finally, I couldn't help but post one more pic of a "sun dog" I took while hiking today.